Welcome to my website. I am an interdisciplinary researcher with a background in addressing complex environmental problems by linking network science, environmental science and social science. My interdisciplinary training allows me to understand environmental problems as complex systems of human and ecological interactions and to analyse these interactions using network models. My Key interest is on the processes, structures and dynamics that drive environmental and social outcomes.

My research approach parts from an understanding that the inter-dependencies that exist within and between human and natural systems are critical for identifying how to solve complex environmental problems. I take a systems approach to analysis and integrate theories and methods from the social and natural sciences. 

I work on multiple projects in the areas of governance, collaboration and organisational networks, and stakeholder values and perspectives in environmental decision making (see projects and publications page).

I am a researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre and have an honorary position at  the University of Bristol. Previously I have held research positions at the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, and at the Luc Hoffmann Institute. I have also held positions with private industry and government.

I have a PhD in Conservation Science and a Masters in Environmental Management from the University of Queensland, Australia, and an Engineering degree from Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia.

In this webpage you can find more about my research and publications.

You can find my contact info here.

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