Social-ecological systems modelling

Research under this topic seeks to bridge across the natural and social sciences to integrate theory, frameworks, and tools for analysing the interactions and interdependencies that exist between people land nature.

The research approach used in this work program is underpinned by systems thinking. Environmental problems can be conceptualised as systems of interacting human, ecological, economic and physical elements. Networks models are used for defining and analysing these systems of interactions to answer diverse questions such as: how do particular network structures of collaborating stakeholders influence environmental outcomes?

Key publications:

Felipe-Lucia M.R., Guerrero A.M., Alexander S., Ashander J., Baggio J.A., Barnes M.L., Bodin Ö., Bonn A., Fortin M., et al. (2022) Conceptualizing ecosystem services using social–ecological networks. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 37:211-222

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Rhodes, J.R., Guerrero, A.M., Bodin, Ö. and Chadès, I. (2020) Fundamental insights on when social network data are most critical for conservation planning. Conservation Biology 34: 1463-1472.

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Guerrero A.M., Bennett N.J., Wilson K.A., Carter N., Gill D., Mills M., Ives C.D., Selinske M.J., Larrosa C., Bekessy S., Januchowski-Hartley F.A., Travers H., Wyborn C.A., and A. Nuno (2018) Achieving the promise of integration in social-ecological research: a review and prospectus. Ecology and Society 23(3):38.

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Bodin Ö, M.L Barnes, R.R.J McAllister, J.C. Rocha and A.M. Guerrero (2017) Social–Ecological Network Approaches in Interdisciplinary Research: A Response to Bohan et al. and Dee et al. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 8(1):547-549

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