Stakeholder engagement, participation and co-production

Environmental decisions are impacted by the different values and agendas of concerned stakeholders. Under this topic I research and apply approaches for eliciting values and mental models, and for navigating tensions and trade-offs that often prevent environmental programs from succeeding.

Key publications:

Guerrero A.M., Jones N.A., Ross H., Virah-sawmy M., Biggs D. 2021. What influences and inhibits reduction of deforestation in the soy supply chain? A mental model perspective. Environmental Science and Policy 115:125–132.

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Chambers, J.M., Wyborn, C., Ryan, M.E. Reid, R., Riechers, M., Serban A., Bennett, N.J., Cvitanovic, C., Fernández-Giménez, M.E., Galvin K.A., …Guerrero A.M … et al. (2021) Six modes of co-production for sustainability. Nature Sustainability 4, 983–996. S

Jasny L., Sayles J., Hamilton M., Roldan Gomez L., Jacobs D., Prell C., Matous P., Schiffer E., Guerrero A.M., Barnes M. (2021) Participant engagement in environmentally focused social network research. Social Networks 66:125-138.

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